Illustrator & Character Designer




I'm Muxxi. I'm an illustrator and character designer.  I love creating colorful and fun characters surrounded by magical environments.

I work with different mediums (murals, paintings, drawings) but most of the time I work digitally. I own a little space with my husband where we work remotely. I love traveling, and a good cup of coffee with a fun drawing session.

Amazing people who I have worked with:

Google / Nickelodeon /  Ustwo / Microsoft / Sony / Winsor & Newton / The Stranger / Nokia / Springfield / Betty & Dupree / Mandarina Duck / Blik / Momiji / Innocean / Mattel Children's Hospital / Chattyfeet / Andrews Mcmeel Publishing / Sammontana / Roboto / Skull & Heart / MUA


Illustration Best In Show/Outstanding Illustration, Noise Festival, London 2014
IDA 15, Gold Winner, Computer-Generated Character, LA 2015
American Illustration Chosen Winner, NY 2015/2016
Golden 'A Design Award Winner in Graphics and Visual   Communication Design, Milan 2016


We were super excited to work with Muxxi. Her work inspires people around the globe including us and it’s a really powerful mood booster too. Muxxi created a family of vibrant characters for ChattyFeet which added a fresh twist to our brand!
— Gil Kahana - Co-Founder, Chattyfeet
Incredibly talented and a wonderful person to work with, Muxxi has supported us with her involvement in several Inkygoodness exhibitions, in addition to producing her character fuelled illustrations for ad-hoc projects. Her passion for illustration is reflected in everything she does, and combined with her strong work ethic and positive nature she always over delivers. Her portfolio is ever-evolving with new ideas, and we hope to create more opportunities to work with her.
— Lisa Hassell Owner & Co Director, Inkygoodness
It was love at first sight when we discovered Muxxi’s majestic characters and her other-worldly landscapes. Collaborating to create a Momiji doll was such a satisfying process. Her ideas were always inspiring and we loved the end result. We’re extremely proud to have Muxxi as part of the Momiji family of guest designers.
— Claire Rowlands - Co-founder, Momiji
Muxxi has created an original, fascinating surreal world, carefully painted and capturing her own mythology. Strong echoes from Miro. An underlying sense of fun and humor.
— Gerald Scarf - Illustrator & Cartoonist - Jury, Noise Festival 2014
Working with Muxxi was a great experience. She’s one of the best illustrator we’ve ever worked with: unique, precise and very helpful. She created a magical world around Sammontana brand. We can’t wait to collaborate with her on future projects.
— Veronica Ciceri - Art Director, Auge Headquarter


  • 2010 "Dreamboat" at Start the Bus Gallery, Bristol UK
  • 2011 The Missing Link Project - Pictoplasma Character Walk, Berlin Germany
  • 2011 "WeUpLift" at Creatures Creating, Toronto Canada 
  • 2011 Inkygoodness Character Totem Exhibition at Zellig Gallery, Birmingham UK 
  • 2011 "When we were young" La Boca Art Cafe, Newcastle Upon Tiny UK
  • 2012 "Shape/Shift" Exhibition Inkygoodness & Fiend Projects Art Festival, Designcenter de Winkelhaak.  
  • 2012 The 5th Annual LADIES FIRST Art Show, Toronto Canada
  • 2012 100 Houses Exhibition, The Tobacco Factory, UK
  • 2013 Beermat Character Exhibition, Coningsby Gallery, London UK
  • 2013 Scrapbook Live, The Griffin Gallery, London UK
  • 2013 Mail Me Art "Short & Sweet", The Framers Gallery, London UK
  • 2013 "Not for Rental" A movie-inspired charity exhibition, 71a Gallery, London UK
  • 2013 "Monsters Club" The Parlour Showrooms, Bristol UK
  • 2013 "Fonzo Loves California", Dragatomi LA, CA
  • 2014 Animated Film Festival | MONSTRA, Lisbon Portugal
  • 2014 “SEQUEL”, iam8bit Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  
  • 2014 "Out of body", Gauntlet Gallery, San Francisco, CA 
  • 2014 Pictoplasma Academy Exhibition, Urban Spree, Berlin Germany
  • 2014 La Guarimba Film Festival, Amantea, Italy 
  • 2014 Loch Ness & Friends, Tobaco Factory - Bristol UK 
  • 2014 Eye Candy Festival, Birmingham UK 
  • 2014 Noise Festival, London, UK
  • 2015 Hear Me Roar, S&H Exhibition, ThePrintSpace, London UK
  • 2015 “My Happy Place” an Exhibition to support Dandelion Support Network, Sydney, Australia.
  • 2015 “Muxxi & Hydro74”, Rojo Bermelo Gallery, Mexico D.F.
  • 2015 iam8bit 10th Anniversary, exhibition, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2016 Skull & Heart, Pop Gallery No Walls, Brighton, UK
  • 2016 Fluffy House, EverydayMooonday Gallery, Seoul Korea
  • 2016 FLIGHT, Hamilton House Gallery, Bristol UK
  • 2016 "La Rêve du Lapin" Costume Bedtime Bunny Show, Clutter Gallery, New York
  • 2017 Flags of Peace, Chassé Promenade, Breda, The Netherlands
  • 2017 Glug LA #3, We Are Goodness Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA


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